Relationship Numerology

Duration: 1 Hour and 15 Minutes

Relationship Numerology is intended for any two people who want to know each other better, in any type of relationship: romantic, family, partners, etc.

We talk about the Personal Numerology of both of you, as well as the energy of the relationship itself. We review compatibility, points of union, challenges and recommendations, as they are reflected in the numbers.

Note: It is important that both people are present.

Meet Our Consultants

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Ana Dorotea

Lover and servant of the Light. Ana Dorotea has 10 years of experience in the field of human development and numbers as spiritual tools. She has lived and studied in Mexico, Israel, India and the United States, learning about the intimate connection between Numbers, Energy and Spirituality.

She currently works as a Numerology consultant for people and companies, teaches courses and facilitates workshops and retreats. Her mission is to help people expand and improve their lives through the power they have within, with the help of numbers.


Cristina is a numerologist committed to promoting maximum human well-being. She finds inspiration in nature and healing sciences.

Connected with the power of numbers, she will guide you on a journey of self-knowledge, to recognize your light and your shadow; and use them for your personal and spiritual growth.

A HeartMath Institute certified coach, she shares tools to build personal resilience and achieve a full and happy life.


Hello! My name is Viviana, I am a communication specialist, numerologist and I have studies in Enneagram.

In our session I accompany you to know the world of your numbers and the meaning of each of them, through your energy map.

There will be revealing information that will confirm your virtues so that you can make better decisions; It is a knowledge of power that will help you make your personal growth more fluid and continue to shine with your own light.

See you soon in session!


My name is Kris and I am a numerologist, life coach and rune reader. 6 years ago I left my career to dedicate myself to my true vocation accompanying people in their processes of personal and spiritual growth.

In my sessions we will explore your energy map together so that you know yourself better through numerology, take ownership of your gifts, make decisions clearly and are encouraged to make the changes that your soul needs to be at peace. See you in session!

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