What are Grabovoi Numbers?

Who is Grabovoi?

Grigori Grabovoi (Kazakhstan, 11/14/1963) is a Russian clairvoyant scientist, doctor of physical-mathematical sciences, doctor of technical sciences, academic, whose interest focuses on raising the consciousness of the Earth and Humanity.

Graduated in Mathematics and Mechanical Physics, he was an academic in Russia and worked on important government and space programs. Member of the New York Academy of Sciences and the International Academy for Social and Economic Development, he has dedicated himself to the study of various disciplines such as philosophy, medicine and law, with the aim of unifying the different fields of human knowledge.

For his research achievements in the scientific field, he was awarded the Silver Medal of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the Peter the Great Medal for the Development of Science and Economy.

What are Grabovoi numbers?

They are numerical sequences that are in the field of information and that Dr. Grabovoi can perceive. These numbers change the vibration and rhythm, at a molecular level, in the molecules with which they come into contact or resonate, bringing us to the Standard. The Standard is the state of Divine perfection, as God originally conceived us

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