What is Numerology?

Benefits of numerology:

Numerology is a discipline that studies the vibration and hidden meaning of numbers and their influence on human beings and their environment. It was inherited from the Greek teacher Pythagoras, who said that the entire universe can be understood through numbers. We are energy and consciousness; with numbers we can understand OUR OWN energy configuration and polarize from negative to positive.

  • To have a tool to polarize to positive when we find ourselves vibrating negatively.
  • To get to know ourselves and others (partners, children, bosses, friends, etc.) improving our relationships.
  • To avoid conflicts and increase compassion, by understanding and accepting how the other is and how we are.
  • To better understand our personal relationships and why people enter our life, energetically speaking.
  • To maximize our current moment in  life and make decisions in harmony with the available energy.
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